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The Artist as Activist - Applied Theater & Applied Drama

Webinar: via Zoom (times for this webinar are Pacific Standard Time).

Cost: $100


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If unable to attend the live webinar, registrants will receive a link to view the recording afterwards.

Michael Morgan will offer a web-based introduction to the fundamentals of applied theater and applied drama through an overview of practice, theory, history, and imagining. This lecture/discussion addresses the aesthetic, ethical, and logistical dimensions of undertaking an applied theater initiative. 

As theater practitioners, applied theater provides an important bridge between the conservatory and the community. It offers the potential of deepening our understanding of the art by providing new opportunities for growth by examining our work through a different lens. Additionally, applied theater grows from a sociological and theater tradition of speaking truth to power. The ramifications of this concept for voice teachers may be particularly cogent in pursuit of a pedagogical mission. Applied theater may open the door for powerful liberation for those who haven't had productive expressive outlets. It also sets the stage for communication between disparate groups with an underlying aim of creating a more harmonious and honoring world.

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