Alida Bevk

  • Certification Level: Associate
  • Geographic Location: BELGIUM, Antwerp (Naedts)
  • Languages: Danish, English
  • Specialization:
  • Institution Name

Associate Teacher (2014)

Head of Voice and Speech Department
University of Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film, and Television (AGRFT)
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Alida Bevk is a European actress, artist and teacher based in Slovenia. As well as her post at AGRFT, she is a freelance artist--teacher and actress. After completing her studies she began her acting career at the National Theatre of Nova Gorica and was a member of that ensemble from 2002 till 2008. During this time she created numerous roles, some of the most important were in William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, Gozzi’s Green Bird, Goldoni’s Le Baruffe, Gorky’s Varvara, and a new musical Alice. She also acted in international projects and as a guest actress in other Slovenian theatres, winning a few awards at the Slovenian and International Theatre festivals. In 2005, when Slovenia entered the European Union, she was a Slovenian representative at an international project in Milan. After finishing her Masters degree in 2008 she made a shift in her career and began teaching speech at AGRFT. At the same time she became a member of the ensemble with the National Theatre Drama Ljubljana (till 2014). In 2011 she took her first workshop in London with Catherine Fitzmaurice and began her deep interest in this work. Outside of the Academy she teaches her own workshops for singers and actors, gives individual lessons, and works as an acting and voice coach for performances. She is now beginning to take Fitzmaurice Voicework and her own work to other acting schools in Eastern Europe, currently Budapest.

MA AGRFT Ljubljana; BA AGRFT Ljubljana.

Languages: Hungarian, Italian, Slovenian, English