Melisa Devost

  • Certification Level: Associate
  • Geographic Location: BELGIUM, Antwerp (Naedts)
  • Languages: Danish, English
  • Specialization: Singing
  • Institution Name

Associate Teacher (2014)

Vancouver Island, Canada

Melisa Devost is a singer, musician, songwriter and teacher. In her early 20’s, she dropped out of her studies of creative writing and political science at Camosun College to pursue music. After a stint in Ireland, she was accepted into the jazz program at Vancouver Island University where she was a guitar major, which she left after a year to write, record and go on the road. Since then, Melisa has released three records independently, collaborated, performed and recorded with some of Canada’s finest and toured internationally.  She made Vancouver her home for six years, where she was a part of numerous music projects from Indie Rock, to Roots Country to Acapella. When she wasn’t touring, Melisa worked teaching music, mainly guitar and voice, privately and at Music Education Centers. Melisa continued her studies of music and voice independently, and has studied Speech Level Singing with master teacher Spencer Welch, and taken workshops with Richard Armstrong. During her time in Vancouver, Melisa was re-introduced to acting, something she did much of as a child and teenager, co-writing and starring in a short mockumentary as well playing a couple small roles in independent films. 

Melisa maintains a strong interest in early gospel and roots blues music, which makes its way not only into her writing, but into her teaching as well; she is often invited to teach gospel singing workshops at festivals she is playing at. In search of a more balanced quality of life, Melisa returned to her home, Hornby Island, where she now lives. Since returning to Hornby Island, Melisa has started a soul band, The Survivalists, runs a community choir, has dipped her toe back into musical theatre, and continues to teach workshops and privately, locally and elsewhere.

Languages: English
Specializations: Singing