Phil Thompson

  • Certification Level: Master
  • Geographic Location: BELGIUM, Antwerp (Naedts)
  • Languages: Danish, English
  • Specialization: KTS Certified Speech & Dialects Shakespeare
  • Institution Name

Master Teacher

Professor of Theatre
Head of Acting
University of California-Irvine
Department of Drama
Irvine, CA 92697

Phil Thompson has studied with Dudley Knight, Robert Cohen, and Jerzy Grotowski, among others. He taught at the Ohio State University for nine years and served for three years as the head of the MFA in Acting program. He works as a voice/dialect coach for UCI as well as for professional productions at such theatres as South Coast Repertory, the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Madison Repertory Theatre, and for the last six years at the Utah Shakespearean Festival. He has acted with the Grove and Illinois Shakespeare Festivals. He serves currently on the board of URTA, and is a past President of VASTA.

MFA University of California-Irvine; BA University of Iowa.

Languages: English
Specializations: KTS Certified, Speech & Dialects, Shakespeare