Ximena Mieles

  • Certification Level: Associate
  • Geographic Location: BELGIUM, Antwerp (Naedts)
  • Languages: Danish, English
  • Specialization:
  • Institution Name

Associate Teacher (2015)

Astoria, NY


Ximena Mieles is a film and theatre actress from Ecuador. She was introduced to Fiztmaurice Voicework while studying at the HB Studio where she immediately fell in love with it. She considers this work as one of the most useful tools to approach, develop, and inhabit the character. One of her main interests is the use of voice in a cross-cultural and multilingual context. Besides being an artist she has also been a language teacher in several universities in New York. She works in Spanish and English as an actor in South America and in the US.

MA The City University of New York; MA Polytechnic University of the Littoral; BA Polytechnic University of the Littoral.

Languages: Spanish, English