Helga Kroeplin

  • Certification Level: Associate
  • Geographic Location: BELGIUM, Antwerp (Naedts)
  • Languages: Danish, English
  • Specialization: Private Coaching Presence
  • Institution Name

Assistant Teacher (2017)

Tuebingen, Germany


Helga Kroeplin has been teaching and directing theatre for over 20 years and she was involved as actress and musician in performance-projects and plays in Germany, Southern Europe, and South America.
Born and grown-up in Munich, she had spent 5 years in Great Britain after leaving school and then studied music, arts and theatre-training in Germany (BA, University of Duisburg).

From very early on she felt interested in the voices of people, played with voice and words, and she invented spontaneous songs through ways like circle-singing. 

She worked with the Zimmertheater Tübingen and she was employed at and is still co-operating with the Landestheater Tübingen. There she founded in 1997 the intergenerative theatre „Generationentheater Zeitsprung“ with whom she developed many plays. Before being employed at the theatre she worked feelance and studied with teachers from RoyHart, Grotowski, Lichtenberg, with Juri Vassiljev and various private voice & theatre-teachers. Inspired by these sources she developed her own voice & movement "bodyvoice".

At the University of Tübingen she teaches voicework and public performance.

BA, University of Duisburg.

Languages: German, English
Specializations: Presence, Private Coaching