Olga Polevikova

  • Certification Level: Assistant
  • Geographic Location: BELGIUM, Antwerp (Naedts)
  • Languages: Danish, English
  • Specialization: Private Coaching Public Speaking
  • Institution Name

Assistant Teacher (2017)

Vilnius, Lithuania


Olga Polevikova is an active theatre professional. She founded the Vilnius Voice and Acting Center in 2016 where she organizes and holds workshops, meetings, and conferences for and with Theatre professionals and amateurs--teachers, actors, and public speakers. She has been teaching Voice since 2009, and in 2011 she founded her own teaching studio named The Algorithm of Voice. She has participated in the Moscow Arts Theatre laboratory with M. Brusnikina since 2013. As an actress she performed with the Dzigarchanian Moscow Theatre 2006-08, and with the Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania 2004-06, playing Rosina in The Barber of Seville and Masha in Tolstoy's Living Dead. She studied at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater in the class of D. Tamuleviciute from 2000-06, and certified in Fitzmaurice in Barcelona in 2017. 

MFA Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater.

Languages: Lithuanian, Russian, English
Specializations: Public Speaking, Private Coaching