The Sequence in Pictures:
Trem Collaboration

For years, trems have asked for a visual representation of the Destructuring Sequence to share with their students. With your help, we’re about to make this happen!

The Sequence in Pictures we’re sharing on this webpage is meant to inspire, but the pictures we’ve selected don’t fully represent us. Honestly, we just pulled them from Google.

Here’s where you come in.

We’re inviting the trem community to tap into its visual artistry and create images of the Dynamic Efforts! The final collection of these images will be curated by a select group of Master and Associate Teachers, and we’ll publish it on the website as an official, public-facing resource for the Destructuring Sequence. Together, we can create a meaningful resource that belongs to us and empowers our work.


Submissions due: December 31st, 2019.

Send to:
Be sure to include the name of the Dynamic Effort and the artist’s name in your email!


  • Dynamic Efforts may be depicted in any medium, but submissions must be in the form of reproducible, 2-dimensional images. Acceptable file formats include: JPEG, IMG, PNG.

  • Images should suggest the names of each Effort and connect to the physical nature of the Effort.

  • File resolution should be high enough for web enlargement and printing. (e.g., a JPEG file with 1800x2400 resolution).

  • Submit as many options as you like! Artists can be represented multiple times in our final Sequence.

  • Artists do not have to be trems! We welcome offerings from anyone who feels connected to the work.

  • All submissions to this collaborative effort become property of the Fitzmaurice Institute, with published credit given to individual artists. Images not chosen for the final reference work may be publicly used to celebrate our artists via social media and online promotions.

Tip for Classroom Teachers…
Consider using this collaboration as an opportunity for your students to earn extra credit, particularly as an alternative to written assignments!