About The Fitzmaurice Institute


The Mission of the Fitzmaurice Institute

Fitzmaurice Voicework® supports people in finding and using their unique voices—in healthy, clear, and creative ways—while also developing greater freedom and presence. The Institute's mission is to:

  • Expand Fitzmaurice Voicework's availablilty to the public, including under-served communities.

  • Certify Fitzmaurice Voicework teachers, support their continuing growth, and encourage their connection with each other.

  • Preserve the foundations of Fitzmaurice Voicework while supporting its evolution.

  • Develop mutually enriching collaborations throughout the world.

The Fitzmaurice Institute Team

Find the Directors of the Fitzmaurice Institute here, and find information about all certified teachers here.

An invaluable resource.
— Molly Smith, Artistic Director, Arena Stage