City, state, and country required (province optional). Neighborhoods within larger metro areas can also be included in parentheses. EXAMPLES: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Millersburg, OH, USA, at the Fulcrum Theatre Los Angeles, CA, USA (Silverlake and Echo Park) 493 Venkman Ave., #302, New York, NY, USA Copenhagen, Denmark, at Forsøgsstationen
Be specific and brief! EXAMPLES: Half-Day Voice Workshop Vocal Yoga Retreat Five-Day Singing Workshop
One (1) sentence MAXIMUM. EXAMPLES: "Fitzmaurice Voicework: Introduction and Review." "Includes Fitzmaurice Voicework." "Introduction to the Integrated Voice." "Singing styles with Fitzmaurice Voicework."
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Please check if the workshop requires previous study of Fitzmaurice Voicework.
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