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Intro to Catherine's book -- for trems only. Please do not share.


We are researching "Practitioner Level" Liability Insurance for trems. Currently in the U.S. only. If you have insight into good international liability insurance, please email us at


To serve as reference and inspiration for our community, and to inspire collaboration, we've gathered syllabi, lesson plans, and other teaching resources generously contributed by certified teachers. Our hope is that this material will help you dream as well as provide practical clues for organizing the teaching (and administration) of this work:

Crediting Policy: Under no circumstances can you include these materials in publications of any kind. If you borrow from them in your teaching or in other contexts, credit the authors or the authors' sources. If you have questions about any of this material, reach out to the author directly.

Contributing Guidelines: If you'd like to contribute material to this collection, send a PDF version of your document to Include in your email: 

  • Your name (or indicate "Anonymous")

  • Your course title, if relevant

  • Intended student population / grade level / age-range

  • Helpful context (class goals, term length, classes per week, hours per class, number of students, required resources, etc.).

  • Removal of any personal contact information (that you don't want to share) from your sample.